I, as an early bird of foreign trading business in the 1990’s and an ever leader and guide of car seat industry in China, restarted my third adventure with the passion of being a father again over the age of 50 and with a mountain heavy love to my new born baby, aiming to create a brand with value and soul backed by my deep understanding to the baby and juvenile products and my rich experiences in the industry and my expertise to the product design, as a result , the DAD&BUD ® with a father’s love start sprouting ...

DAD&BUD ® , means “ daddy and flower bud”, expressing a father’s care , love and hope to his next generation.

All the DAD&BUD ® products were selected stringently by myself as a father, and using it to my new born baby, trying to find all possible weak point and  improve it , we strive  to give our beloved one the best products we can make ..

We believe our DAD& BUD ® products which are created by a father’s love and craftsmanship and expertise will definitely make a new definition and infuse better genes to the industry.

DAD&BUD ® is from love, for love and will be glorious because of love. 


  • Handling of all documents for import, export and shipping.
  • Consolidate all goods from factories in Mainland China.
  • Provide sourcing services to buyers.
  • Constant quality control by staff and agents.
  • Take full responsibility of production and export operations.
  • Deliver samples to customers upon request.
  • Provide detailed quotations to customers.
  • Provide OEM & ODM services to the buyers.

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